X-Factor - the emerging buzzword revolving in today's Media Industry, combines the Xtreme thrill and Xtreme entertainment. Expect the X-Factor online, beware Dot X Media Solution is racing ahead to provide you the meteoric experience

web design, print design, multimedia service provider
3D & audio visuval


Dot X Media Solution uses visual and special effects for the X-Factor experience for Corporate communication. Corporate communication mostly includes profile presentations which are a clear conveyance of ideas and information to customers, suppliers, distributors, etc., for progress and prosperity.

Web Design

Web Design

Dot X Media Solution provides the Xtreme reliable web service through our premium hosting plans. Our Xtreme services includes 100% reliable, secure and scalable hosting services, best suited for small, medium and large business firms and also for personal web hosting.

graphic design, Print Design, branding

Print Design

Dot X Media Solution offers creation of unique and powerful Logo, 2D & 3D designs that effectively act as an impressive method of brand-building and promotion. These artworks transform into your business assets and enhance your visibility distinctively ahead of others.